Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red Moon

I have never seen such a beautiful moonset. Moonset... is that a word? Well it was the moon setting, and it looked like this, except it looked good in real life. No, that is not the sun. The apocalypse is nigh, I suppose.

Speed painting, 1 hour, don't judge me. Doesn't he just look determined and resolute though? To hell and back.

Also, I penciled a made up Wolverine comic page like a year ago just for fun. He's no Hugh Jackman or anything, but just pretend. Wolverine is uglier in the comics, right? Also, there are some serious issues with value balance and general composition... So it goes.

I'm leaving for an internship in Austin, TX on the 18th. I'll be working as an artist at Challenge Online Games, who I've been freelancing for, and will be living out of a hotel room for the rest of the summer. Good thing I love hotels.

I'll be lonely, so come visit or play Xbox Live with me please. Jk. Xbox Live is for nerds.


sharonorcutt said...

I like the moon. Please put the drawings we found of your story up. Too cute. Remember how I'm owning you in poker right now? :P

keviN said...

samurai guy is looking hot, hot, hot. though i would've liked seeing just a tad more detail, i'm still diggin' the motion blur action - shoots my attention right to the face, and adds more intensity. you sir, have been judged. or served.. had i typed this while fight-dancing in your direction.