Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kory Hubbell Squared

I discovered some time ago that there is another Kory Hubbell. We're friends on facebook. He is, strangely enough, ALSO an illustrator. He just got a new blog, so feel free to check it out:

Go give him some blog-love. There is talk of a co-Kory artbook being made eventually. You know you want to see THAT.


sharonorcutt said...

I take 100% (squared) credit for the name "Kory Hubbell Squared". I actually think you should down my idea. Eff Head. I will accept paypal or cash when you do make the book.

keviN said...


dood, Kory. when i first saw the other Kory's art, i was like.. "is he hiding secret art from me?? it looks NOTHING like he'd normally draw - wait... h-he's talking to himself?? wha.....???"

and then i figured it out. heheh. crazy.

Kory said...

Thanks for the link man!