Monday, April 21, 2008

Whiplash Doesn't Even Describe It.

Poor Amus crashed his escape pod on a remote desert of Otaeres. The twin planet there has an image of Saturn's moon Titan in it, though I painted over it mostly. If you have never heard of the Huygens Probe which landed on Titan in 2005, I highly suggest you look it up. Amazing stuff.


sharonorcutt said...

i love the moon in this. and i love when you moon me. he he. i love you.

koryface said...

haha... thanks wife. I emphasize wife, to all of you reading this.

Mack the Knife said...

man i miss you guys.

Laura said...

Haha, I think it's really appropriate that your talking about space, Saturn's moons, and old space expeditions since your blog's called the Hubbell Telescope.

Other than that, these are awesome. Like everything else you've ever freaking produced.

Lol. And you're adorably married!! hehehe.