Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Loki, the Leopard Gecko

I just got a new Leopard Gecko. She is just a little baby (my wife insists its a girl).

She's extremely fun to feed. As soon as she sees her pray, which is either a cricket or a meal worm, she raises up on her legs a bit into a power stance, and her head snaps to look in the direction the motion came from. Then she just waits until it comes closer, or very slowly creeps toward it.

Just before she strikes, she leans back just a bit, the end of her tail wiggles almost like a rattle snake, and she lunges her body open-mouthed to ensnare the hapless creature. She presses the animal into the floor of her cage, occasionally jerking her head and biting down until it is dead, then swallows it whole.

Along with the red eared slider turtle Michaelangelo, and the vacuumous beagle Xander, our house is now officially a zoo.

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sharonorcutt said...

you forgot about you, you're the biggest animal of them all. ha ha. i am constantly having to clean up after you. he he. just kidding. you're my favorite! muah.