Thursday, September 15, 2011

Europa Trooper and Speeder

Here's a current WIP.  Suit and speeder designed for exploration of Europa.  Having discovered a small colony of sentient life on the ice moon orbiting Jupiter, technology was immediately developed to explore the moon.  It is known that Europa has a liquid ocean beneath the outer ice layer, heated by Jupiter's tidal gravity, and a tenuous oxygen atmosphere.  The pressurized suit has a powered intake which pulls oxygen to the reserve tanks to be consumed over time.  Suit also includes water extraction kit and ice gear.  

Weapons have been deemed necessary for the expedition as the behavior of the newly discovered colony was not yet known.  

When they came to us, this equipment became more important than we could have known.


Albert Ng said...

NICE! Soooo good.

JAKE WYATT said...


Love the hood on a spacesuit.

That's fresh, sir.