Thursday, March 3, 2011

Age of the Dragons Concept Art

 This is some concept I did for a movie called Age of the Dragons. It's essentially Moby Dick, but steam-punkish medieval with dragons.  I posted a trailer a while back. It has Danny Glover and Vinny Jones, thought it's a fairly low budget film.  Since it has been released in Britain, I thought I'd post some of my art and sketches for the project.  I lost some of it in a computer crash, unfortunately, but here is what I have.


Ahab's daughter, I forget her name.



Ryan said...

i wish i could draw like a kory. i likes them dragons! nice dude.

TimH said...

It's pretty cool to see the concept art for this. I did animation on this film over the summer last year, it the production quality is impressive for the budget they had.

Your concept art is really cool.

Josh H. Black said...

Blown away! I wish I had a morsel of that immense talent. Awesome work! My friend and father of martial arts was casted in that film as a villain his name is Scott Chun a korean fellow. I believe he also choreographed some of the fight scenes.