Friday, May 23, 2008

A gloomy forest.

This is for a student film that is being made here at BYU by a friend of mine. I had a lot of fun doing it, and learned a LOT. It is probably going to have a few tweaks applied here and there, but let me know what you think. The colors turned out really wonky on this post for some reason.

Oh, also, I had 1000 views to my blog, according to that little map thing. I'm sure half of those hits were me checking it and updating it, but still. Neat.


Patrick said...

Nice loose style on this Kory- something I am not very good at for sure! Always fun to take on a project that helps you learn something new. Great stuff!!

Laura said...

Wonky colors or no, Kory Hubbell, it still looks fantastic!
And Now you have at least 1002 views since me and above-poster have now visted. :)

NinJA said...

love it - huge fan of the...crap. i use to know the word for this. underbrush? stuff that is not tree, growing on forest ground. especially when the little leaves hit those patches of light in the back = awesome.

i'd maybe play around, and try using that light, foggy color in the back for little highlights on the trees in the foreground a bit. not a really 'hard' highlight... or maybe so = my thoughts.

PLUS. i recognize all those old art posts you just barely posted. all excep most of the figure drawing ones, which you probably hid from me after what's his face failed us from that class.... i still think he was wrong to this day - but still... i should've never taken that 'vacation from school' day that i did. though truly awesome, the thought was.

Jake said...

Kory, that is REALLY well handled. Shut up about the colors. Probably MY favorite of the paintings you've done.

Keep it up, and you can compete with SIMON DEWEY!

And I think it's undergrowth.

NinJA said...

that's IT!! undergrowth.
totally was looking for that - and couldn't come up with anything. haha.. thanks.

Hannah said...

I like it a lot.

Also, "Hannah, who has animals."

Hahahahaha. Thank you.

Ty Carter said...

Simon Dewey, I was thinking more like Thomas Kincaid.

Ha Ha...I kid...This looks fabulous Kory. Well done. I love the brush strokes!

Anthony Holden said...

Hooray for 1,000 hits. I am at least six of those. And I just keep em coming. Nice forest, by the way--this is significantly more involved than anything I've done for my storyboards.

Clairictures said...

Kory, thanks for the comment on my blog! It is much appreciated! How are you doing?
This. is. incredible. I think my favorite part has to be the lichen growing on and falling off of the trees. Beautiful!