Thursday, March 27, 2008

photoshop sketchy dump

Well sometimes when you are drawing stuff all day that isn't really imaginative or from your own mind, you can't help but take a breather and refresh your brain with some fun doodling.

These are sketches I made either to warm up or to take a break and loosen up at work. Oh, and McKay, there is that foot that wouldn't show its face the other day.


Mack the Knife said...

i see it now... its all so clear... the foot... the foot.
dear me its beautiful!

and speaking of not showing faces... where's that girls face? i bet its pretty nice... where ever it is.

Jake said...

Um, These are all Wacom sketches? I must say, I'm impressed with the sheer VOLUME of what you've been posting alone, to say nothing of the quality. And the quality is fine. Good WORK, man. Way to be.

koryface said...

yes, all wacom. i am a wacom slave. thanks, jake, that means a lot. i've been exreting a lot of art lately.