Saturday, January 26, 2008

Land Shark

Oops, forgot my semi aquatic Shark creature.

Towns and Trees.

These are concept sketches for a puppet show that is being produced at BYU.

Goose Down

Oh young man, why is your coat so big? Perhaps I'll color this one.

Two Girls, Two Monsters.

Sketchy Sketchy. What is it about monsters that I like so much? I mean, they can be grotesque, or humorous, or grotesquely humorous. Or cute. The one on the right is based roughly on a bat. Not so cute...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eya the Gall

We all have monsters to face....mine is digital painting.
In church this man told a story about his grandson who did mutton busting at a rodeo. He was dressed up in his cowboy getup at the event, and this guy kneels down beside him and says,

"I ride bulls."

The kid looks at him, pushes up his hat, and says,

"I ride sheep."

And I thought it was really funny. Enough so to illustrate it.

Love grows.

Here is a tree I did for my wedding invitation. I'm getting married in February!
Here is the initial scan of an illustration of a story I heard in Church that made me laugh. More later.